Bowling club «Misto»

Bowling – the most popular game in the whole world, pleasant and useful pastime. Virtually everyone can become a true professional bowling alley, all you need is just desire and sports excitement.

The best bowling club in Ukraine is the misto bowling. There are ten tracks with the most modern American equipment AMF de Luxe Extreme and plasma screens at the service of fans of balls and pins. Technical capabilities and special children’s bumpers allow you to play even the youngest visitors to the bowling club. To help novice players are always ready experienced instructors and operators.

Bowling “Misto” regularly hosts various tournaments and competitions: pair, amateur, corporate, marathon tournaments.
There is also a sports bar on the territory of the bowling club. Our guests have the opportunity to call the waiter and place an order without departing from the track.

We invite you to visit our bowling club to take part in an exciting game, cheer on other players and plunge into the atmosphere of a sports festival.