Welcome to the ideal place for living and recreation – to the hotel complex “Misto”!

The hotel complex “Misto” is an ideal hotel for people who appreciate comfort and want to plunge into the atmosphere of beauty and luxury of high-class leisure. Regardless of whether you are planning a vacation, business trip or wedding celebration, we will help you to make any of these events unforgettable. Our hotel rooms combine modern design and uncluttered luxury, and their amenities will satisfy the requirements of each guest.


The hotel complex “Misto” is part of the widely known in Ukraine and abroad complex “Misto”. To the guests living in the hotel complex, we are pleased to offer not only comfortable rooms, attentive and impeccable executive staff, but also wide range of entertainment and recreation complex “Misto” – from the fitness rooms, sports pools, summer playground and bowling to entertainment facilities and programs for every taste.

Security and privacy of guests of the hotel complex “Misto” is protected own highly professional security staff 24 hours a day, 7 days in a week.